Hi, I'm Jenna

Building Strong Women.

I am an experienced Personal Trainer and former Professional Wakeboarder. I have always been passionate about helping fellow women on their fitness journeys and love nothing more than seeing these women surpass their goals. I am dedicated to my mission to EMPWR thousands of women globally.

Reaching the top of the UK women’s wakeboarding scene, I spent years competing as well as coaching and appeared in magazines such as Women’s Health. Recognising that I could make a difference in a male-dominated sport, I began to run female-only coaching clinics in an effort to encourage more girls to get into the sport.

Founding EMPWR was a natural progression for me, having spent years training females in the gym and seeing the same struggles and obstacles that women face, while  experiencing my very own.

Through EMPWR, my mission is to give women the knowledge and confidence to take control of their free weight training. With extensive experience in the psychology of coaching and training, as well as huge amounts of technical and practical experience, my speciality lies in working with you to understand and break down the hurdles in your way.

I will equip you with the strategies and tools to overcome the barriers that are stopping you from getting the results you want.

Let’s get Empowered!

Jen. x


About EMPWR.

EMPWR is the fiercest way for females to get fit! We know that walking into a gym, especially the weights area, can be intimidating and we’re here to change that.

We want to build women’s confidence at the same time as their fitness.

Women are often nervous about lifting weights, don’t know where to start and end up back in the cardio area - never getting the results they want.

It’s time to change that, we want to remove the stigma of lifting weights and EMPWR females to feel comfortable to take over the free weights area.

Girls, join our gang and let’s run this gym!

About Semi-Private Training.

Working in small groups means you’ll benefit from one-on-one focus from your trainer as well as having the support of your fellow females. And as part of your training, you’ll get a personalised programme - giving you an easy to follow structure for you to smash your personal goals.

We create a community of strong women both inside and out of the gym. Semi-Private training is limited to 4 women per session. You train with your ladies minimum twice a week in your allocated EMPWR squad. We also have a conditioning class; Strong-Women, which is used as a third training session.

Being part of a female community means that you not only have your trainers support but also women supporting women with the same struggles you have.

Who we work with.

• Women between the ages of 20 - 50.

• You may have never set foot in the gym before or be a complete gym bunny that wants more out of your training.

• We only work with women who are 100% committed to the process.

• We do not work with people looking for quick fixes.

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