jenna mcavoy

Senior Personal Trainer and former professional wakeboarder, Jenna McAvoy, has always been passionate about helping fellow women on their fitness journeys.

Reaching the top of the UK women’s wakeboarding scene, Jenna spent years competing as well as coaching and appeared in magazines such as Women’s Health. Recognising that she could make a difference in a male-dominated sport, Jenna ran female-only coaching clinics in an effort to encourage more girls to get into the sport.

Founding EMPWR was a natural progression for Jenna, having spent years training females in the gym and seeing the same struggles and obstacles that women face. Through EMPWR, Jenna’s mission is to give women the knowledge and confidence to take control of their free weight training. With extensive experience in the psychology of coaching and training, as well as huge amounts of technical and practical experience, Jenna’s speciality lies in working with you to understand and break down the hurdles in your way. She will equip you with the strategies and tools to overcome the barriers that are stopping you from getting the results you want. 

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